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Anette Lordan Nerve & Pain Release Centre

Anette Lordan Nerve & Pain Release Centre (MCS)


Bennington Road, Tamboerskloof, 8001 - Cape Town

When I was a little girl, simple games captivated me. Hopscotch, skipping and CREATING A MAGNET.

Two children stood opposite each other, rubbing their hands (creating friction and electric stimulation), then held their hands out towards their friend creating a magnetic field. It felt like magic!

Only 40 years later did I start discovering what an incredible force magnetic energy would be towards complete repair in the body – reversing chronic pain! Releasing trapped nerves! Causing massive new cell growth of bone, nerves, muscle, repairing the spine and in fact the whole skeleton and all sites of old damage which had caused weakness and pain.

Manual Cell Stimulation

With cell stimulation, the molecular structure is changed and old symptoms of ageing are reversed! Simultaneously, nerve and collagen repair starts, rejuvenating the entire body! As treatment progresses, people gradually come off medication. Part of this incredible process is also the repair of the complete vascular system. My body was severely damaged in 1975 when I went into anaphylactic shock and suffered a fever of 106 degrees. This caused extensive damage to bone, central nervous system and to the entire vascular system.

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Anette Lordan Manual Cell Stimulation (MCS)

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Lameness or numbness

Anette Lordan has found that MCS penetrates through the whole body stimulating a vast array of chemicals and electric actions in nerves so that they can rebalance to form and fuse and heal themselves where necessary.


In Anette's experience MCS improves bone regeneration and not only works with the symptoms one may be experiencing but removes the underlying reason and/or cause for the present problems.

Sport / Accident injuries

Injuries, whether it is a sport injury or an accident injury, happen to all of us and would be rather difficult to prevent from happening. We sometimes forget about all the minor injuries sustained as a young child or teenager when we are facing current health difficulties and discomforts. It is all those minor injuries that have the largest impact on our lives from the age of 50 upwards. When I refer to minor injuries, I am talking about the innocent falls at school, falling off a horse or bicycle, doing acrobats, doing something that you regret afterwards just because you want to show off in front of your friends, etc. Those minor injuries can cause long term damage. Anette has successfully treated many clients with injuries.

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