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TH Africa Security Detection & Inspection Systems.

TH Africa Security Detection & Inspection Systems

TH Africa Security Detection & Inspection Systems provide experience in many forms of security systems. Whatever your security, detection or inspection needs are, we may already have a solution.

We supply walk-through, hand held and surface metal detectors, x-ray baggage, luggage and parcel inspection units, none radiation bag scanners, explosive and drug detectors, EMF weapon and cell phone detectors, as well as customized security systems.

Security scanners, camera’s, detectors,

  1. Executive Series and Economic Series X-Ray Scanners
  2. Non radiation BagScan
  3. Walk through & Hand held Metal Detectors
  4. Access Control Detector Booth
  5. Under Vehicle Inspection Systems and Under Vehicle Camera’s
  6. EMF Cell Phone and Weapon Detectors
  7. Drug & Explosive Detectors
  8. Follower Control
  9. Impact Panic Alarm
  10. GSM Voice Alarm
  11. X-Ray baggage Scanners


  • Installation of X-ray scanners and Walk Through metal detectors.
  • Installation Assistance on our own product range.
  • On Site Repairs and Modifications.
  • Operational Training on our entire product range.
  • Maintenance Plans on our entire product range.

 We also offer training and remote assistance via Skype, Phone or Email.

TH Africa & Associates

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  • Tel: +27 (0)76 725 4628
  • Website: Under Development